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Karen Lynn McGregor

Karen Lynn McGregor

dec. March 1, 2018

Karen Lynn McGregor was only 52 when she passed away in her sleep on March 1, 2018, but she was an old soul.

She loved classic movies, musicals, and The Beatles. One of her favorite movies was The Wizard of Oz and her favorite singer – Judy Garland. Karen had a beautiful singing voice herself.

And when she spoke, she had a lilt that ended each sentence on a high note.

She is survived by her husband, Eric Shaddix; her loving parents, Alvah and Oleta McGregor; her “seestor,” Allison Humphries and her husband, Robert; her niece, Zoe Edwards; and so many other family members and friends that you’d think Karen was a celebrity.

Karen was selfless, kind, and inspiring. God does not deserve her.

Karen, we love you and miss you.

A private memorial is being held at Turrentine Jackson Morrow Memorial Park in Allen, TX on March 10.