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John Nathan Pino cuts deal with DA

by Bill Knowles
Cutting a deal and pleading guilty to one count of third degree assault and one count of illegal discharge of a weapon stemming from a domestic dispute, John Nathan Pino could be looking at one to three years in prison and a mandatory two years on parole.  The third degree assault is viewed by the state as carrying with it extraordinary risk
    Pino was first charged with attempted first degree murder, felony menacing, and multiple counts of firearms violations, assaults and domestic violence arising from an argument with his wife in June 2010 at their residence.  A motion for a joinder of the charges was sustained by Judge Claude Appel in October.  Pino and the D.A. came to a plea agreement in January 2011.
    The agreement had to be approved by Pino’s wife and two other members of her family who had been in the home Pino shot at before the court could move forward in the case.  Pino’s trial was originally set for Jan. 17, but with the plea agreement, sentencing is scheduled for March 3, at 1:30.  Pino has been released on his own recognizance while awaiting sentencing.

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