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Jail Break- Sort of

WALSENBURG- This is the story of the trusty that wasn’t.

    On Monday, April 21, a detention officer at the Huerfano County jail was having two jail trusties help him empty the jail’s trash into outside dumpsters.

    One of the trusties- Ricky Bobian, 34, when told to return to the jail asked for five more minutes outside.  The officer refused, at which point Bobian took off running down the alley behind the jail.  The officer gave chase, but Bobian was able to get away.

    This is the first time in the jail’s nineteen year history that an escape has occured.

    An inmate can become a trusty once he is sentenced  to no violent misdemeanor charges.  Trusties are used in and out of the building for cleaning, yard work and snow removal.

    On Tuesday evening, Sheriff’s deputies received a tip that Bobian was hiding at the 500 block of Polk St. in Walsenburg.

    Officers Milan Rapo, Craig Lessar, James Chamberlain and June Martinez went to that address and arrested Bobian.  He resisted arrest, and had to be tazered twice in order to subdue him.  Also arrsted was his girlfriend, LaVelle Valdez, 21, as an accessory.