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It’s almost time for Re-2

by Jaye Sudar

LA VETA- Gearing up for the 2009-10 school year dominated the Re-2 school board meeting.  The August schedule has the staff working hard right up to the first day of school with sports planning, training  and orientations.

    Dave Seany and Bree Lessar reported on teacher and staff hirings, student handbooks, and the general preparations for school opening.  They reported that the new fire alarm system works very well.  A welder accidentally set it off and the amount of noise generated by the new system was amazing.  Lessar stated it was hard to stay in the building with all that noise, however, the fire department arrived before Lessar and Seany could exit the building.  To bring the Preschool building up to code with all the equipment necessary for the fire alarm system, $17,000 would be needed.  A cost breakdown will be presented at the next meeting.

    Going “Green” at school is a focal point at RE-2.  The new HVAC system will be ready soon with computer-controlled heating and cooling to minimize costs.  There is new carpet at the high school entrance, the overhaul of the intercom system is in progress and the kitchen has been refurbished.  There is a concerted effort to make the school a healthier place for staff and children.  The Wellness committee is working to improve awareness, diet and environment for Re-2. For more information on what the committee is striving for, visit

    The landscaping of Charlie Park is going well. Tree plantings, a flagstone path and door trim painting still need to be done.  The ribbon cutting will take place at the Back to School night on August 17.

    Board member Sternberg inquired about funds equity for sports and asked whether the board and the school district could make music more enticing for students.  The stage at the school, as well as, the Fox theater in Walsenburg provide opportunity for exploration of the arts.

    Eighteen students are signed up to play golf this year, which prompted board members to discuss busing and supervision.  They also discussed appropriate thanks for the golf course which allows the students to play for free.

    In other items, Deanna Oberheu was hired as a science teacher, eight sport coaches were hired, and student handbooks were approved.