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Is the Change in you?

by Stephen Miller

    Positive or negative, change happens to all of us and plays a vital role in our growth.  It is one of the many ways we learn life’s lessons.   We feel it, we endure it,  we learn from it, and  the majority of us fear it.

    I think we fear change because we’re content as things are or because of the failure that may accompany it or because as change happens, things become different and unfamiliar.  What we may not realize is that we don’t have to take the first change that comes by.  We can choose the change that will bring good results.  We can choose a path less dramatic than the one forming in front of us.

    Avoiding change will only bring stagnation because it is part of our growth process.  I would like to see people set more goals for personal change instead of going with the flow.  I would like to see the fear in change diminish and to see more people reach out for the change they’re capable of making.

    Perhaps we should learn when and when not to embrace change and which type of change to embrace.  We all have an ideal life we’d like to live.  It could be that we can choose changes to help us live our lives the way we really want to.

    We can create our own lives; we can create the changes.  Is the change in you?

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