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Is it a truck or is it a shed? That was the question before the La Veta Town Board

by Bob Kennemer

LA VETA — With no old business on the agenda the La Veta Town Board jumped right into new business.

First up was a request from La Veta newcomer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Margret Flynn. Flynn recently purchased an old house and lots located at 130 W. Francisco St., where she has leveled an old dilapidated house.

Flynn was requesting the board to allow her to continue to use a 1948 delivery truck on her property that had been used as a storage shed, noting that the “structure” predates the 1998 ordinance and should, therefore, be exempt as a non-conforming structure. She would like to use it as storage shed for garden tools.

Thus began a debate as to whether the truck was a vehicle or a structure. Flynn’s position was, “It has no wheels, no motor, no fenders, or hood, and a tree is growing up into it.” Mayor Doug Brgoch replied, “This is a stretch for me. It has a VIN number so it is a vehicle.” Trustee Mickey Schmidt added, “It is not a structure or an outbuilding.

Brgoch stated, “We are willing to ask our attorney for his interpretation of the ordinance.” Trustee Dale Davis added a historical perspective, “It was a railway express truck that I drove in 1962.” The board agreed to have the town’s attorney review the issue, which will be readdressed at the August 2, meeting of the board.

The La Veta Farm to Table program dba Ryus Avenue Bakery and Café, located at 129 W. Ryus Ave. was before the board requesting a modification of their liquor license. The establishment wants to serve alcoholic beverages on a patio directly adjacent to the main building to the east, however they are restricted by state regulations from exiting the main building onto public sidewalks and then back onto the patio to serve alcohol.

The solution is for servers to exit the main building to the south, on private property, then come around an adjacent building to the east to then access the patio area. Concerns were voiced about fencing the outdoor serving area to make sure no alcohol left the serving area. Kristina Heim, representing the facility agreed to address this issue. The board approved the change.

The board agreed to fund the La Veta/Cuchara Chamber of Commerce with $1,550 in funds to be applied towards downtown beautification via hanging flower baskets. Additionally the town will supply garbage bags for garbage cans along Main Street for the remainder of the 2016 tourist season. The chamber will provide volunteers to collect the trash and place it in the town dumpsters or additional dumpsters if needed.

In other business the board:

• Approved the reappointment of David Steffan to the Historical Preservation Committee.

• Noted the new fire department building is near completion. The town has ordered a new culvert drainage. The county will provide chip and seal on Moore Ave. to the north of the facility this week or next.

An open house is planned between now and the 4th of July.