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Introducing Gub Gub’s— a vintage Colorado grub hub

staff report
WALSENBURG —  Exciting things are underway on the corner of Main St. and 7th Ave in Walsenburg.
Helena Cappon and Thomas Orr recently announced that they are converting the gas station property located at 629 Main St. into a 60s style roadside travel-themed pizza and ice cream shop. They plan on developing the space into a pedestrian-friendly plaza with tables, chairs, games, and more. The inside will pay homage to the original gas station, with decorations, tables, chairs, etc. comprised of automotive parts.

Starting with a simple menu, there will be soft serve ice cream, handcrafted pizza by the slice and pie, salads, and more.  They are working to fill the needs of the community by implementing take-out and delivery, as well as creating another focal point on Main St. to pull over more tourism for the town as a whole.

Thomas Orr, who is the fifth generation of his family in Walsenburg, met Denver native Helena Cappon while they were attending the University of Denver through the Daniels Fund Scholarship program.

Cappon and Orr share a passion for cooking, customer and community service, and sustainable community development. Due to the opportunities they were afforded to attend college on full scholarship, they plan on sharing a percentage of their proceeds each year to begin a scholarship program for high school seniors from Huerfano County.

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Thank you San Isabel Thank you, San Isabel.  Terrific winds and no Walsenburg outage! ~Carolyn Newman Walsenburg,, CO Thanks from Traditions I want to thank

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