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“If a tree falls…”

LA VETA — At Tuesday’s meeting of the La Veta Town Board it appeared, according to Mayor Doug Brgoch, “There is a need to tighten up our procedures.”, as he responded to concerns voiced by Trustee Chip Kraynyk, who had asked how was it that a tree on Main Street had been cut down without board approval. During the board reports section of the meeting, it was noted by Kraynyk that the La Veta Tree Board minutes stated Trustee Dave Molyneux informed the tree board that the town board had approved the removal of a box elder tree on the west side of Main Street in front of the Outpost/Next Door Deli. However, no such board action had been taken. Molyneux responded he wished he had been able to review the tree board’s meeting minutes, because he had not stated that the town board had approved such action. Again Mayor Brgoch stressed that the town board needed, “… to be more diligent and to follow procedures,” adding this was a problem of

miscommunication not misconduct. Trustee Dale Davis suggested the town‘s advisory boards should approve all meeting minutes before being submitted to the town. Brgoch stated that is the current procedure and it needs to be enforced. San Isabel Electric removed the tree under the direction of the tree board. That action should have, and must come, only from the town board. Under old business, Mayor Brgoch stated Grandote Golf and Country Club had, earlier that evening during a public hearing, withdrawn their request to replat and rezone the Tract B sections of the golf course as commercial. Grandote also withdrew their application for a lot line easement vacation for Tract E and F, and lots 39 to 45 to be rezoned from RE 2 to commercial. The board heard from Pat McMahon regarding her application for a commercial development permit to redevelop the old Main Street Diner building on south Main. McMahon stated that, as requested by the board, she would remove the corners of the building that were on town property adding, “We are going to call it, “‘The Corners Diner’.” McMahon submitted the required paperwork. A public hearing was set for 6:30 pm on October 7, ahead of the town board meeting. A second hearing, pertaining to McMahon’s request for zero setbacks, passed and was set for 6:45 pm that same night. Fellow restaurant owner Molyneux abstained from both votes. The board discussed the needed repairs to Ft. Francisco Museum, agreeing the issue needed quick attention. The board will meet in the old fire house on the museum grounds at 6 pm prior to the town board meeting on October 16. Brgoch explained that Alan Blakely of Blakely Construction, said remodeling changes requested by the board on the Marshal’s office would not have a significant impact on costs contained in his bid, and agreed to do the work in segments. This allows the board to address immediate needs to repair the roof, using funds from this year’s budget, and to complete the repairs with funds from next year’s budget cycle. The board moved to close applications for the municipal judge position as of Friday, September 19, at 5 pm. Interviews will be held at 6 pm on September 30. Trustee Shane Clouse moved, and the board agreed, to run an ad for the next four weeks advertising for a town building inspector. That position is now open due to the recent resignation of Rick Dunn. Under new business, there was a no show from Rod Stambaugh, representing Sprout Tiny Homes. Stambaugh had submitted an information packet with a request to allow variances for the construction of small homes in La Veta. The board agreed to table this matter as it was expressed by Trustee Molyneux, “He [Stambaugh] ought to be here to back his package.” The board agreed to, again, allow the La Veta Fire Protection District to park a mobile blood bank unit from Bonfils Blood Center on East Ryus during the Oktoberfest celebration on October 4. Representing the Big R store in La Veta, assistant manager Sid Popejoy presented the board with a request to enlarge the store’s fenced yard and keeping the 8’ fence. Popejoy said business has been good adding, “We are happy to be here and need to expand.” Brgoch explained this request would require a public hearing. Trustee Davis moved to hold a hearing on October 7, at 6:15 pm. The motion passed. Town employee Tom Knolls has been hired to be the town’s Code Enforcement Officer by adding eight more hours to his part-time schedule. The board moved to accept a bid from Mountain States Pipe and Supply replacing old damaged sewer pipes with new 8” pipes. The piping will run on Walnut Street eastward for 500’ adjacent to property owned by Dave Hamilton and Bobbi Sargent. It was explained by Mayor Brgoch that traditionally the town had refunded application fees, for things like replatting, once the application had been approved. Brgoch informed the board that this was not required by ordinance and the town should retain these monies to cover costs. Trustee Davis moved to make all application fees non-refundable whether the application was approved or not. Trustee Molyneux suggested this should be formally adopted via a resolution. The board unanimously approved to draft such a resolution to be reviewed at the next meeting of the town board.