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Humans of the Rocky Mountain Southwest – March 26, 2019

Leeana Blood. Courtesy photo


I was born on Mount Lemon, in a shack in Arizona. I was an only child, really a latch key kid, and grew up in San Diego CA. I craved playing with other kids, so I became a board game fanatic. I even dabbled in roll playing games, which lead to fandoms like Treckies and Comic Con.

The best job I ever had was selling beads in my young twenties. It was like being a waitress, they would tell me what they wanted and I would go back to theses rows and rows of shelves filled with bags of sparkling beads. Sometimes people would tip me with something they made like jewelry.

I got to know people by what they made. Right now my interests are building relationships with people, and improving my skills like piano and cooking. Stuff and money may not always be available, but any skills I build, I can keep no matter rain or shine.

Learning to focus on myself and my friends, and not get caught up in all the drama out there is one of skills I’m cultivating. We need to lift up each other, and take turns at it, then we can all win.


~Leeana Blood