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Humans of the Rocky Mountain Southwest – March 19, 2019

Matt Briggs. Courtesy photo


I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1977. It was very hot there all the time and the city was such a busy place. I have two siblings, a younger brother Tim and my younger sister Emily. During the hot summer nights we would sneak out of our neighborhoods to surrounding area pool areas just to hop the fence to go swimming just to cool off from the extreme heat.

I had many odd jobs growing up from selling bike parts for money to working for a stage company. I met many famous people, it was a very fun time in my life. I used to do building demolitions and even worked for FEMA during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but unfortunately didn’t get paid from FEMA.

I moved here in 2016 and started at SPRHC in the dietary department and worked with them for a year. I then was encouraged by my girlfriend to join in on a learning experience and try and do the CNA certificate program they offered. After a year of working on the floor as a CNA, I joined the activities department so I could spend more quality time with my residents and to stop getting in trouble for spending so much time with them talking. The job I liked the most I would have to say was when I worked for FEMA- it wasn’t for personal gain in the end, and I actually helped so many families that where helpless and it was so much more rewarding than any other job.

I like doing abstract art in my spare time and paint when I have free time. I love the outdoors and can’t wait to go camping this summer. I was never in the military but I was a football and basketball player in high school.

My current interests include going out in nature and camping, both of which I plan to do this summer. I also plan to spend more time on my art. I would like to visit New York City one day because that is where my mother’s parents were from and I have never seen it.

I think that the planet is getting heavy and the gravitational pull is stronger than ever and the air is thin and it is getting over populated.

~Matt Briggs