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Human of the Rocky Mountain Southwest: April 19, 2018

Ratonian by birth, I am still basking in the glow of my theatre directorial debut.  I am a Raton High School Graduate, Class of 2007.  Following graduation, I attended Colorado Springs Colorado College for one year and studied Liberal Arts.  I then returned to Raton, still trying to figure out what my adult focus should be.  The next eight years were spent working and going to Trinidad State Junior College pursuing my certificate in Early Childhood Development.  At that time, I felt a strong calling to be a teacher.
Elizabeth Record. Photo by Colette. M. Arimjo
In 2015, I attended UNM and broadened my scope of knowledge through Anthropology & Archaeology for one year, and then I returned to Raton.  I am your friendly face in the Gardening Department and Parts ordering counter at Ace Hardware.  Though I am continuing my studies online with UNM, working with plants has piqued my interest in Botany.
At high school, theatre beckoned my heart while I was a member of the Drama Club and played the French horn in the school band.  After my first year away at college, I came back to Raton and participated in the Christmas Carol.  It was here that Gail Dixon Willde made an impact on my life and ignited that spark within me to do more plays.
Directing “An Evening of Western Vaudeville, and Long Tall Lester” was a first for me.  I am looking forward to taking a more active role in Raton’s theatre industry as it has so much to offer to Raton’s youth, locals and visitors.