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Human of the Rocky Mountain Southwest: Feb 8, 2018

We have a great new resident in Walsenburg, and what a joy it is to sit down with him for an hour or so!

Tim Alfrey.
Photo and text by Laura Lee Carter.

Tim Alfrey moved here two years ago to take the position of chef and general restaurant manager at our own La Plaza Inn. Tim grew up in Kansas City, but arrived most recently from west Texas by way of Fort Morgan, Colorado. He loves his work as a chef, a profession he literally fell into after a previous career in computer science and electronics. Twenty years ago he took a job as a chef’s assistant at a bed and breakfast and “absolutely loved it!” He has been “working his way across the country in many kitchens under some awesome chefs” ever since.

Tim broke one of his cardinal rules at his last job in Fort Morgan. He asked one of the waiting staff out on a date. Enter Colleen, his new life partner. They now share their La Veta home with their two teenage kids and a dog. All agree that this is a fantastic place to live. They are both quite outdoorsy, loving the unique hikes and mountain views in this land of opportunity. Colleen is busy studying for her real estate license, hoping her first purchase will be something for her own family!

Looking back, Tim can see that he was meant to be a chef all along. His face lights up when he remembers barbequing contests with his uncle back in Kansas City, and he always enjoyed watching TV shows like “Great Chefs of the World” on PBS. He admits, he has always been what he calls “a crafty” and artistic fellow.

A man of many hobbies, in his free time Tim makes cigar box guitars, enjoys woodworking, computers, antiques, etc. The way he describes it, “I see lots of potential in this part of the country. I’m from Kansas so I have perspective, and I can really enjoy my work again.”

I think Tim has plans to stick around!