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Huerfano Winds make music

HUERFANO- The Huerfano Winds, along with Betty Brown and other guest dancers are giving a concert and dance performance entitled “Music and Movement” today at Gardner School and Peakview Elementary. 

    The Huerfano Winds, established in 2005, under the direction of Suellen Levy, is an ensemble of musicians from Huerfano County and surrounding areas.  Some of them had retired their instruments for 20 to 30 years, until the opportunity arose to play again with the Winds, and others are professional players who belonged to college bands, military bands and the Pueblo Symphony.  Members  come from a variety of occupations.  The members include a teacher, a physical therapist, directors of the local dance troupe, a newspaper publisher, a music instructor, a retired military person, a nurse and a professional musician.

    All had built a foundation of playing instruments in grade school, high school and college programs, and missed the joys and rewards of musicianship.  Each has made a commitment to putting music back into their demanding personal and professional schedules.

    The group’s goals are to:

1. Bring a public awareness of the positive benefits of music a­­­­s a richly rewarding experience for performer and listener through a variety of concerts throughout the year.

2. Advocate the importance of the study of music as a body of knowledge and the skills developed when making and enjoying music together in our schools. 

3. Build personnel, programs, repertoire and inventory through recruitment, public relations and fund raising.

4.  Support our area’s existing Re-1 and Re-2 school music programs by extending time to mentor players and develop a summer music program for students.

5. Assist the newly hired music teacher for Re-1 in whatever way is needed.

6.  Recruit, retain, and reestablish the importance of music in our communities.

    For further information on how you can become involved in the Huerfano Winds contact Suellen Levy 719-738-6297.