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Huerfano History- May, 2009

By Jaye Sudar

1910- Skeleton Found A skeleton found in the Black Hills was identified as Esopudo Apodaco, age 82 of Talpa.  It was thought that he became lost in a snow storm and died of exposure.

1920- Fire At Klein Hotel The kitchen smokestack spat sparks and ignited the roof.  The fire was put out before any damage occurred.

1930- Rio Grande Plans Train to Camps Passenger train service from Alamo to Tioga as well as a daily train to Pueblo is planned.

1937- Neglect Makes City Water Purification Plant Useless  Dr. S.J. Lamme, Mayor states that years of neglect and ill use have wrecked the city′s water treatment plant.

1942- McBrideTrial Opens Here Next Monday Morning C.F. McBride goes on trial for 1934 murder of William Evans.

1949- Story of Walsenburg Tavern Chief Who Killed Famous Jesse James is to Appear at the Fox Theater! The life of Bob Ford, a tavern owner in Walsenburg′s red light district, has been made into a film.

1956- Residents Advised to Boil Drinking Water Mayor Donald Haney calls on Utility Department to follow up on recommendations made by the Health Department to insure a safe water supply.

1963- Stimack Turns Down Directorship of Summer Recreation Program Donald Stimack turns down job after stating that he has other commitments.

1970- City Council, in surprise move, takes first step in annexing Chico Heights Thirty-five families and at least three oil companies to be affected.  Major reason for delay being the cost of utilities.

1977- Sheriff Condor: Drug Problems Start At Home “It starts at home and I can′t see blaming law enforcement people- or school administrators for the community′s drug and alcohol problems among the kids.”  Sheriff Jerry Condor on the state of drug issues in Huerfano County.

1984- Wilderness Bill Senator Gary Hart and the Huerfano County Commissioners are lobbying for support for a bill to protect areas of Huerfano County which includes sections of the Spanish Peaks, Upper Huerfano Valley and other natural beauty spots.

1991- Summertime! City of Walsenburg gears up to handle summertime in Huerfano County.

1998- Principal “Charlie” Charles Scott of Rye, Colorado is to join Huerfano Re-1 as the new building administrator for John Mall High School.

2005- Decision Huerfano Re-1 is to decide the fate of the former Walsenburg Middle School by June 30th. The major city entity interested in the building is the Spanish Peaks Library District.