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Huerfano History- 1913

by Jaye Sudar

1913:    Huerfano Health Department clears Huerfano School District to reopen after Scarlet Fever epidemic.

    Joe Crump offered a $5 reward for the saddle stolen off his horse Saturday night in front of the Baxter Hardware & Trade Co. downtown Walsenburg.

1930:    Walsenburg Women′s Club thanked Huerfano County for a record year of loyal support for the County Library.

1937:    Three woodcutters, Evan Sanchez, Joe Costello and Philip Romero nearly froze after being stranded by a leaky gas tank out near Rattlesnake Butte. Rescue came in the form of a two gallon gas tank the next morning.  The only casualty was a rabbit they ate for dinner.

1942:    Oscar Santi and James Phipps were appointed to the Colorado Council of Defense Motor Fuel division.  Their duties will be to service military vehicles traveling through Huerfano County.

1949: Ravenwood School was vandalized.  Windows were broken, cast iron radiators and the teacher′s desk is missing.  The piano was overturned.  The Sheriff′s department is investigating.

1956: City Council plans a new swimming pool. Mayor Donald Haney hopes that the newly refurbished City Hall will attract more citizens to City Council meetings.

1963:    City Council gives Police Chief Mike Rampa "absolute control" of the police department after numerous complaints from citizens concerned about the rise in the crime rate.

1970:    Senator Taylor "burned up" over a state planner′s report about Walsenburg and Southern Colorado.  The report stated that the area was typified by the Mafia, corrupt courts, stagnant culture and society.  Governor Love ordered the report edited and reprinted.

1977:    Drug Bust in Huerfano County prompts Detective Ronald Pietrasfeso of the Colorado Organized Crime State Force to say, "Huerfano County is a haven for drug trafficking, syndicates because so many areas are isolated and remote."

1983: Finance Director, Richard Ridge, has City lower the gas rates by 26%, 29 cents per 1000cu.ft after a November hike of $1.11.

1990: The new Barbed Wire Museum opened in the Railway Depot.  It was sponsored by by the Colorado Wire Collectors Association.

1997: QualiCenters Inc. opens new dialysis center in Walsenburg.

2004:    Scott King runs for Huerfano County Commissioner, District 2.

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