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Huerfano County school board candidates

by Jaye Sudar

WALSENBURG- The school board candidacies for Re-1 and Re-2 are an interesting mix this year. Budget cuts, building projects, test scores and curriculum issues bring a serious side to what is often seen as a popularity contest by most voters. Accountability is a driving factor for many candidates this year. Not only do they realize that the schools are in the spotlight to improve, but so are the teachers, superintendents and their ruling bodies, the school boards.

    Re-2 has one incumbent, A.R. Miller and four new candidates. A.R. Miller′s stated reason for running is to serve the people and students of Re-2 with the knowledge he has gained over the last four years. He has family in the school system and a desire to work with the district and the community. Miller wants to do his best for the kids.

    Cindy Campbell, who has children in the Re-2 system would like to be more involved with the whole educational process. She wants to see improvements in test scores like the ACT, and better preparation for college or vocational schools. Cindy would like to see improved communications between the district, board and community.

    Casey Watson is a substitute teacher with children in school. She would like to see Re-2 retain its standing as a good school and feels the hands on approach is one way to help. Her goal in joining the school board is to keep Re-2 a school of excellence and integrity.

    Annalee Hickey works at the O&E school in Walsenburg. She is passionate about education and feels a young perspective would be important to the school board. An upbeat and invigorating viewpoint is what she would like to bring to Re-2.

    Sabrina Kreutzer wants to be involved with the decisions that impact students. She has children in the school system, and feels being active in education is important.

    Re-1 has two incumbents and two new candidates. Jesse Jackson, incumbent and board president is running again because he feels that there is too much unfinished business for him to walk away at this time. He feels that whichever candidate is chosen, will do a wonderful job.

    Elisha Meadows is running against Jesse Jackson. As a parent, she would like to see better communications in the district for the benefit of everyone. College or job preparation is important as well, because children need every chance to succeed. Elisha feels that it is time for a different pe­rspective on education in Re-1.

    Robert Duran, incumbent, while originally undecided about running changed his mind. He too feels that he has too many projects left undone. Robert said that it takes a long time to understand all the ins and outs of being a board member and that four years just gets you started.

    Sandra Dotter is running against Robert Duran. She served on the board of St. Mary′s school and would like to bring her business experiences to benefit Re-1. With family in the district, she understands that there is a need for balance in the curriculum between sports, academics and the arts and humanities. Sandra supports the idea of working to give every student the best chance at success.