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Huerfano County Jail Roster Update July 20, 2016

Hold for Other Agency

Ruben Saenz, Held on $250 c/s bond on Alamosa case 15T499, and $2,500 c/s bond on Alamosa warrant #670; in custody 7/15/16.

Scott Garret, held on $7,477 cash only bond in Las Animas County Sheriff’s Office case 09DR053; in custody 7/18/16 and released to LACSO custody 7/19/16.

Bond Set & Holds

Guillermo Valdez, held on $2,500 c/s bonds in each case; 16CR66 and 16CR99; in custody 7/14/16.

Daniel Herrell, held on a $3,500 c/s bond in 16M82; in custody 7/14/16.

Jake Vigil, held on $1,500 c/s bond in each of three cases; 16M10, 16M02 and 16M18; in custody 7/15/16. Efrem Yazzie, held on a $100 c/s bond in 05T104; in custody 7/19/16 and released on bond the same day.