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Huerfano County history- April, 2009

1910- D&RG Train Derailed: Train derailed 15 miles south of Walsenburg.  Engineer E.C. Wade was killed.

1920- Huerfano Oil & Gas Company Starts Drilling: First commercial wells to be drilled in Eastern Huerfano County.  Leases going for the record price of $100 an acre.  H.C. O.& G. own 7500 acres.

1930- Federal Agents & City Police Raid Beer Joints: The Beer Garden on West 7th was raided last night.  200 people watched as over 1064 pints of beer was destroyed.

1937- Man Shot & Killed Following Toltec Quarrel: Tony Padilla, 47, a WPA worker was killed after a drunken attack on the Adonis Vigil residence.  Adonis shot and killed Padilla after a struggle.  Vigil was charged with the shooting, but found innocent with a plea of self defense.

1942- Hauge Army Flight Over Walsenburg: Over 45 planes on their way to Pueblo Airfield will pass over Walsenburg.

1949- Vigil May Face Trial Next Week: Joe Ramon Vigil, 39, arrested in postal robberies and other burglaries in Walsenburg will face trial in Denver.

1956- Gardner Gun Battle Wounds Three: An argument over a beer at a funeral ended when guns were drawn and over 15 shots fired.  Three men were injured, arrested and taken to hospital.

1963- National Library Week Slated to be Observed Locally: Mrs. Ely Relich, Librarian, is organizing a fine arts show, an arts and crafts show and an afternoon tea to celebrate National Library Week.

1970- Coal Mine Fight Extends to State and Federal Level: Mayor Bonicelli and Senator Sam Taylor are leading a delegation of local mine owners and workers to the state capital to fight against laws regulating small family coal mines.  Calumet #2, (Delcarbon) and Maitland #2, owned by the Sudars and the Finks are working hard to keep their businesses.

1977- Four Hospitalized After Double Mishap: Two auto accidents on HWY 160 within minutes of each other occurred west of Walsenburg.  This chain of accidents was caused by cattle on the highway.  Two cows were killed.

1984- Chaddick: “I Quit!”: La Veta town Marshall resigned in order to pursue employment with the Alamosa Sheriff′s Department.

1992- Fox Center for Youth Arts: The Fox Theater has been acquired by the Youth Arts Council.  President George Birrer informed the public that the theater will be renovated for use as a movie theater and public performance venue.

1999- Ludlow Massacre: The 85th anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre was commemorated on April 20th.  UMW laid wreaths at the monument.

2005- Mining Museum: The Mining Museum opens for its summer season May 2nd.  The new project for this year is to raise funds to replace the wooden miner with a bronze statue.