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Huerfano County Economic Development discuss projects

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- A meeting of the Huerfano County Economic Development last Thursday dealt with learning issues and plans to move forward in getting some things accomplished.

    A discussion was held on doing a survey of business in the county to get a good idea of products and services offered to try and get more people to shop locally.  Some people wondered why prices are so much higher than Wal-Mart. Several merchants on the committee outlined the savings of buying in volume and the inability of most merchants to compete with the buying power of big box stores. Another concern was why Huerfano County was not getting their share of stimulus monies that other areas seem to get. Some wondered if having a full time grant writer would be helpful in that area.

    Another concern expressed was educating workers in businesses that receive a lot of tourist traffic. The Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce is interested in offering training for these workers to inform them of what attractions are available locally. The biggest concern expressed was getting business owners to give their people the time off for a training session. Getting brochures or other information into the hands of these employees and to tourists was another matter of concern. No concrete decision was made but ideas are being looked at to better the situation.

    Concerns of keeping the Walsenburg Care Center was discussed. Some people couldn’t understand what was keeping a deal from getting done. The City is waiting on the state to come up with proposals to allow the city to get some of their leased land back to sell or trade to the care center for a new facility near the hospital. Having money to pay for a new care center is not the problem, it is getting land available locally to build it.