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Huerfano County bank account hacked

by Brian Orr
WALSENBURG– County Administrator John Galusha announced Wednesday morning that one of the county’s bank accounts, kept athe Bank of the West, had been hacked to the tune of $146,251.74.
County commissioners seemed stoney-faced at the news, and convened an executive session after their regular session with the county legal counsel to see what their next steps might be.
In other news, Harlene Michaels, a volunteer with the Upper Huerfano County Fire Protection District, asked the commissioners for help in mapping the upper huerfano for accurate maps and addresses. Specifically, she was hoping the commissioners would allow the county I.T. guy to assist with data management.
“Our biggest problem is time,” Michaels said. “None of us live in Gardner, so our response time is slow. None of us are Gardner natives, and we don’t have GPS in our private vehicles. This would really speed us up.”
Commissioner Max Vezzani took point, noting they sympathized greatly, but the county I.T. Dept was already overextended, funds were low, and some people did not WANT to be on any map. “We’ll put this on our radar,” noted Galusga.