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Howdy, Neighbor- Rick Dunn

by Brian Manning
HUERFANO — Rick Dunn, building inspector for Walsenburg and LaVeta, moved to Colorado for a job and fell in love with Huerfano County for the beauty of the mountains.
Rick is originally from California. He joined the Air Force and spent four years in bases at various locations around the country. After he finished his tour of duty, he took a civilian job on the base and worked there for eight years. When they closed the base, his job was eliminated so he moved to Denver for a job. He then married Carol and settled down to life in Colorado.
The Dunns often drove throughout the state getting to know various areas, and they were especially impressed with Huerfano County. As much as they loved Colorado, they moved back to California when Dunn’s mother became sick and needed his help. He later moved his mother and father to the Spanish Peaks veteran’s home in Walsenburg and moved his family to Huerfano County.
Dunn was hired as the Walsenburg and La Veta building inspector several years ago and is responsible for enforcing building codes for all new construction and renovations to existing structures. He is responsible for issuing all building permits, reviewing building plans and making appropriate inspections.
He reports his activity to the assessor and the city councils. He has an office in Walsenburg and is there on Monday and Thursday from 8 am to 10 am and in the La Veta office Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 am to 10 am. Any questions about construction permits should be addressed to the appropriate office.
Steve Channel is the building inspector for Huerfano County and is responsible for all areas outside Walsenburg and LaVeta. Together the three jurisdictions all use the same International Building Code which allows builders to work anywhere in the county using the same codes. The code used in the county is determined by the Huerfano Regional Building Authority.
Dunn lives in the county with his wife Carol and their daughter Kaitlin. The family is very active in the Huerfano Community Bible Church where Dunn directs their music with his wife and other members of the church. Kaitlin is also a talented soloist.
Dunn foresees better times for Huerfano County through growth and new industry.

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