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Housing Authority Board lays down the law – Director Mockmore sent letter

by Brian Orr
WALSENBURG- The Walsenburg Housing Authority Board met in a special session Tuesday night, and immediately went into an hour and a half long executive session.
After shooing out the HWJ reporter, the board then asked Executive Director David Mockmore and Assistant Director Sandy Wagner to also leave the meeting. The board’s lawyer, Garrett Sheldon, sat in and advised the board.
After the executive session, the motion was then made by Lila Cordova that a letter be typed up and delivered to Mockmore, requesting a copy of his contract with the housing authority, and a copy of the current employee manual.
The letter will also request the following procedures be taken immediately: all cell phones owned by the housing authority will be shut off, except for the one on-call phone, which will be switched over to the lowest rate plan.
A list of housing authority credit cards and their matching numbers, and a list of who has possession of these cards will be provided to the board.
No money will be spent or reimbursed on Walsenburg Housing Authority accounts without backup documentation of proof of expense.
Finally, a monthly budget statement must be submitted by the executive director at each board meeting.
The motion was seconded by Jacque Sikes and approved unanimously.
The board has also requested that an outside auditor, who is about to examine the WBHA’s books, grant them an exit interview, which has not been done before.
While no accusations have been made publicly, the new board, which has only been sitting since March- has serious concerns about past expenditures.
Mockmore has been the Housing Authority’s Executive Director for 20 years.