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House fire in Walsenburg

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- Firefighters were roused from their beds by a page-out for a house fire at 5:15 am on Sunday morning.­

    Flames were already showing by the time the first crews arrived on scene, and two more fire engines were called for, as well as mutual aid from La Veta, who sent a truck and four firefighters.

    The fire, which has suspicious origins in the basement, was full of high drama.  As firefighters were moving through the house, the ceiling began to collapse on them, and several just managed to escape.  The collapsed ceiling destroyed a fire hose, though the $800 nozzle was retrieved.  There were also two explosions, one knocking firefighter Beverly Trujillo out through a glass window, and the other sending a rolling ball of flame out the front door at firefighters.

    Firefighters stayed on scene throughout the morning, putting out persistant hotspots in the walls and attic.