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Holy Flamin” Dobey Bugs!

by Jennifer Parker

LA VETA- Some students and teachers were a bit concerned on Wednesday Nov. 14, when the fire alarm suddenly went off at La Veta High School during the lunch break. Students reported seeing smoke back behind the school near the wood shop. Other students thought they smelled smoke in other parts of the school.

Superintendent Dave Seaney had everyone evacuated immediately while trying to isolate the problem. La Veta Deputy Christy Deaver arrived first on the scene, followed by the ambulance and a fire truck. Students were sent to the science building for about 45 minutes while the building was searched.

Results were no fire, but there was definitely a problem. Adobe bugs (technically, Box Elder bugs) had gotten into the control panel system and somehow managed to set it off. After a chuckle, Seaney remarked, ?At least we now know our system works!?