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Hold your Water; waste treatment plant still delayed

by Brian Orr

City Administrator Eric Pearson informed the Walsenburg City Council Tuesday night that the site application for the new wastewater treatment plant the City will be building had been put on hold for the third time by state agencies.

    The state’s primary concern is the sludge drying beds are supposed outside of 1,000 feet of habitable structures.  The City has revised the plan to spray out the sludge instead.  This should get the review process back on track, Pearson stated.

    Speaking of leaks, Walsenburg Wild Waters sprung a leak on Saturday, May 17.  Water was filling up the pump room before it was noticed, threatening the pumps, the fuse box and the electrical wiring.  The leak was quickly handled by Water Superintendent Rich Tenorio, and the company that installed the pipes, Hydro-Dynamics, has been called to check out the situation.

    On Sunday, there was a ‘test-run’ on how things worked with an employee appreciation day.  Lifeguards and food-service workers had grins plastered on their faces (per orders), and the most traumatic part of the day was when the hamburgers sold out. 

    There will be a fund-raising “Casino Night” for WWW, to be held at 7 pm on June 14 at the Walsenburg Community Center.  Price for admission will be $25 per person, but this gets you $250 in ‘casino’ money.

    Councilwoman Edith Flanagin gave a detailed report on her Public Works Committee.  She recommends that the City Council combine the deposit people have to pay for gas and water service, and increase the amount up to $250.  This amount could be spread over two months, and would be applied towards a person’s last bill with the City.

    Her committee also recommends a late fee of $25 on overdue bills and a $50 reconnect fee if someone’s water is shut off, plus the entire amount of the bill paid before service is restored.

    Another recommendation is to reduce the reconnect fee on an abandoned water tap for a commercial property in the downtown district.  As Flanagin told the Council, “There are lots of details to be worked out.”

    The Council passed Ordinances 972 and 973, regarding late fees, and passed resolution 2008 R-11 pertaining to annexation of the Northlands district into Walsenburg.  “This is the next step in the process, Pearson said.