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Hidden Treasure: Polly the Potter

Polly the Potter

by Carla Dolce

HUERFANO- Beautiful, unique and made right here in Huerfano County.  Polly′s Pottery is truly a local treasure.  Polly, originally from Texas, took a pottery class during her last semester of studying fine arts at Baylor University.  Her career direction immediately took form along with the clay that has been her passion ever since.

    We all have major eventful years in our lives and, for Polly, it was 1971.  In that year, Polly turned in her thesis completing her master′s degree and noticed on the drive home that she wasn′t feeling quite right. Within a matter of hours, Polly was a mother!  Several months later, she packed up the new baby and M.F.A. and headed to Colorado where she embarked on two new careers– motherhood and teaching.

    Teaching is a safe career. But, when Polly′s passion to create peaked in 1983, she left her tenured teaching position in Aurora to start the business of Polly′s Pottery.  She created and sold thousands of pottery pieces within months, launching her long and successful career as Polly the Potter.

    Polly fell in love with the Spanish Peaks while traveling through here and moved to Huerfano County in 2001.  She brought her successful business with her.  Look for a treasure trove of Polly′s Pottery and stoneware in La Veta at either the SPACe Gallery or Pinon Hill Pottery.  Or, call Polly at 738-1792.  Enjoy each piece of Polly′s Pottery knowing it is handmade using materials and processes that produce highly vitreous, lead and barium-free stoneware.

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