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Get on the bus with Re-2

by Jennifer Parker

LA VETA- The much anticipated new athletic bus recently arrived for La Veta High School.  Superintendent, Dave Seaney, said the kids really love it and are very excited to have it.  It definitely offers a renewed sense of pride for La Veta’s athletes.

    Board members were very impressed at the new calling system that alerted parents and teachers Tuesday morning that school would be cancelled.  The Global Connect Communication System started calling around 5:00 am and Seaney said it was finished making all calls in about 10 minutes.

    Eddie Ray, with SonRay Computer Service, will be installing security cameras during the Christmas break.  Four cameras on the elementary side and eight cameras around the high school will now provide video surveillance for the school to monitor for vandalism and other purposes.

    Seaney reported that the new music program, taught by Dave Auriello, started last Friday and had a great response.  Eight students participated, but Seaney feels that number will soon grow from excitement about the program.

    Don Peters with Solid Earth Landscape Design and Construction out of Pueblo, will be in charge of the Garland Street project.  This is going to entail closing in part of the street and creating an atmosphere where the kids can be exposed to more outdoor classroom settings as well as creative areas to lounge in.  Peters had a lot of great ideas including a pondless waterfall, grassy berms, and sporting areas.  This will soon be presented to the city council and if approved, work will be  started when this school year lets out.

    Re-2 is donating $500 to help its less fortunate school district neighbors in the San Luis Valley area.  The financially struggling schools are bringing a lawsuit against the State of Colorado.  Many of the schools involved feel that they are not being funded sufficiently because of their struggles with accountability and academic performance.  This lawsuit is supported by CASB and although many schools have already provided financial support, much more is needed for this very important cause.

    The next board meeting will be on Tues. Jan. 27th due to the holidays.

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