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Funds needed for child with Leukemia

WALSENBURG- Anthony Sandoval, a four year old Walsenburg resident, has been diagnosed with leukemia. The Sandovals are in great need of assistance. Delphine Ortega, of Boies-Ortega Funeral Home, has opened an account at the Community Banks of Colorado, to help them with expenses. Doctors have told Sandoval, there is an 88 to 90% chance of recovery, but it will take some time.  Call 738-1178 for information or to donate.

    Sandoval’s parents are Jessica and Michael, sisters; Alexandra and Savannah, grandparents; Andrea and Luke Trujillo, Fil and Candace Trujillo, Leroy Sandoval, great grandparents; Pete and Delphine Ortega, Lily Trujillo, and Beatrice Bobian.