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Flying Wheel for Nov. 20 2009

Troop 2D-Trinidad is proud to introduce two new troopers to the area.  Trooper Chris Willis and Trooper Lou Rodriguez.  Both troopers just completed a rigorous training program with the Colorado State Patrol.  First, they undertook an indepth hiring process which can take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months.  After accepting their duty station of their choice, they completed a 22 week academy program which took place at Camp George West in Golden.  During this academy process they were required to live on post for the first 7 weeks; following that they were allowed to live off post, if desired.  Throughout the academy all required Police Officer Standard Training (P.O.S.T) requirements were met along with many more in depth training subjects.  After their successful completion of the State Patrol academy, each recruit reported to duty in Trinidad.  They then had to complete a 10 week ‘on the job’ training.  Once they showed that they would do well as troopers, they were released for full duty. 

    Trooper Chris Willis is originally from Albany, NY.  When he was about 10 years old he and his family moved to the Denver metro area.  Chris completed high school and took a job in construction.  He decided to take a chance and applied with the State Patrol.  He decided he wanted a job that had plenty of opportunity.  Also, his aunt motivated him to become a trooper, since she herself is a trooper in New York.  Chris loves living Southern Colorado.  He loves all of the outdoor possibilities.   He is married and his wife works locally as well.  He enjoys working the I-25 corridor and takes pride in preventing drunk drivers from hurting themselves or someone else.

    Trooper Lou Rodriguez is from the Florida area.  After school, he joined the Army and served his country for 13 years.  During that time he was stationed in several places around the world including the Middle East and Europe.  Finally, he ended up in Colorado Springs, where after separating with the Army he applied with the State Patrol.  Lou says, “…I served my country for 13 years and now I am proud to serve my local community.”  He loves living in the small town atmosphere and more importantly loves working here.  I-25 is a target point for him and believes he can help meet the State Patrol mission by reducing dangerous drivers like speeders and helping take illegal drugs off of the streets.  Lou has a wife and 2 small children who are involved in the local community.

    Apply with the Colorado State Patrol on line at

    Definition of “baby” DUI.  Any person under the age of 21 is not allowed to be in possession of or consume any amount of alcohol.  When a person under the age of 21 has been consuming alcohol and is operating a vehicle; they can be arrested for what is normally called a “baby” DUI.  Specific alcohol breath content must be met.  Possible consequences are a license revocation by the Department of Revenue, a summons to court for under age consumption, citation for “baby” DUI, 4 points on license, plus fines and court costs.


•Trp Willis arrested Jesus Domiguez of Frederick for driving while suspended and speeding.

•Trp Decristino arrested Mandy Rivas of Hoehne for driving while license denied, no insurance, and no seat belt.

•Trp Decristino arrested Joseph Trujillo of Aguilar for driving while revoked.

•Trp Reindollar investigated an accident on highway 69 after Paul Selle hit an elk.  Selle was cited for an expired license.

•Trp Decristino arrested Lloyd Neal of Denver for driving with a suspended license and running a stop sign.

•Trp Decristino arrested Ivan Reyes of Steamboat Springs for driving with a suspended license and speeding.

•Trp Boepple arrested Ray Nelson of Denver for driving with a suspended license and speeding.

•Trp Boepple arrested Ramon Cruz of Denver for driving with a suspended license.

•Cpl Chacon arrested Harvey Gill of Colorado Springs for DUI.

•Trp Mock investigated an accident on I-25 after Heath Shepard hit a deer.

•Trp Morgan investigated an accident on highway 160 after Rich Trotter hit a deer.

•Trp Mock investigated an accident on highway 10 after David Trujillo hit a deer.

•Trp Morgan investigated a crash on Co Rd 40.2 after Roger Lemons had failed to yield half of the roadway to William Bilderback.  Lemons was cited. 

•Trp Wilson arrested Christine Snider of Pueblo for a warrant, driving while license suspended, and speeding

•Trp Rodriguez investigated an accident on highway 160 after Lucie Olivas of Alamosa hit debris that was in the roadway.

•Trp Rodriguez investigated an accident on I-25 after Matt Lawless of Trinidad hit a deer.

•Trp Rodriguez investigated a crash on I-25 after Clarence Lemmon of West Valley, UT when he attempted to make a u-turn in an intersection.  Lemmon was cited for careless driving.

•Trp Willis arrested Carlos Juarez of Colorado Springs for DUI and careless driving.  Juarez crashed on I-25.

•Trp Leal investigated a crash on Old Sopris Rd after Eric Blocker of Trinidad ran off the road.  During the investigation Trp Leal discovered that Blocker had stolen the vehicle and had murdered Dave Doyle of Trinidad.  The investigation was handed over to the Sheriff’s Department.

    Please drive carefully and always wear your seatbelt!  Send us your traffic questions at

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