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Fire Department stays busy

by Edie Flanagin

WALSENBURG- The Walsenburg fire department was dispatched early Sunday afternoon to fight a “stove fire” at 352 E. 5th Street, Apt. 78.  Upon arrival the firefighters found the apartment completely filled with smoke and the stove top in flames.  Water from a nearby hydrant was used to quickly extinguish the flames and smoke ejector equipment cleared the air.  Severe fire damage was contained to the kitchen and moderate smoke damage to the rest of the abode.  The residents said they smelled gas before using the stove and oven, but used the stove anyway.  The investigation showed the fire did start inside the appliance. The Fire Chief reminds everyone not to use an appliance if you smell gas! 

    Natural gas also posed a problem on January 1 at 202 E. Indiana.  A gas line puncture occured when the homeowner accidently struck the buried line with a shovel.  Fortunately no fire resulted from the line break, however a dangerous situation could have been avoided if the homeowner had called 811 before digging.  811 is the statewide utilities service that helps landowners locate buried lines.  Remember, call before you dig!