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Falcon Flash – It’s s’more fun in Gardner

Cezar Chavez shows off his solar oven. He told Ms. Jody that even though they were outside, he should pull up his mask to keep her safe as she leaned in for a photograph. Photo courtesy Jody Medina.


courtesy Jody Medina

GARDNER — Ms. Tanzy and her 4th and 5th graders take advantage of the fresh air and Colorado’s sunrays to conduct their science experiment. Her lesson began with a discussion of the transfer of energy from one place to another and transformation of energy from one form to another. They put their solar ovens to the test to see how sunlight energy transformed into heat energy which then transferred into the oven to heat a tasty S’more. Many other teachers take advantage of teaching outside when lessons and weather permits.

It is hard to believe we are midway through the first quarter. The families of Gardner Valley School, students and staff have done an exceptional job of making the beginning of year a success. Our first month of school has truly been a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.