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Falcon Flash for Sept. 4 2008

Gardner School

by Leah Frye  and Ashton Rinker

GARDNER- It is the start of a new year at Gardner Middle School and that means the start of a new volleyball season!  This year we have a bigger team than we have had in many years. The entire 8th grade, most of the 7th, and all of the 5th and 6th girls are playing.  We have 13 players and a team manager, Sabrina O′Neal.  We also have a new assistant coach, Brent Davis, who is also the new 7th and 8th grade teacher.  Pam Levie is the head coach again this year and the coaches are working hard on getting us in shape for our first game against LaVeta this Thursday, September 4.  We have other games scheduled for the future, including a tournament which we haven′t had in years.  One main thing we have to work on is low serves when we go to Aguilar, because their gym ceiling is very low.  We have a great team this year and hope to win every game and every tournament! GO FALCONS!!!!!                               

    Another thing we want to mention is the return of our much loved kindergarten and 5th-8th grade computer teacher, Jody Medina.  She was gone last year on maternity leave and now has two handsome boys, Trey Michael Medina, age 3, and Tayten Joe Medina, one year and two months old.  She hates to leave them every day but next year Trey will come to Gardner School for preschool.  "I miss my kids but I am glad to be back.  My class is great so it helps me not to miss my sons as much.  I missed everyone from the school last year so it′s wonderful to be back." WELCOME BACK, MS. JODY!