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Falcon Flash for Oct. 23, 2008

by Ann Rowland  and LaRae Quintana

    Last Saturday, October 18, 2008, Gardner School hosted its first volleyball tournament in two years.  It was a beautiful day and the teams were ready to compete. The tournament was attended by teams from Cotopaxi, La Veta, and Walsenburg as well as Gardner.  La Veta placed 4th, Gardner 3rd, Cotopaxi 2nd, and Walsenburg 1st.  Congratulations, Walsenburg!

    This has been an excellent season for the Lady Falcons. The Gardner team played seven games during the season and only lost their first game which was against La Veta.  When asked to describe this season, Coach Pam Levie said it could be summed up in one word — superb!  "This was the best season in many years.  The girls were fit and enthusiastic," she added.  First year Coach Brent Davis added, "I really enjoyed working with all the team members and Pam.  I had a lot of fun."

    Some of the Gardner teammates thought that the game against Cotopaxi didn′t go as well as it could have.  Maybe it would have been better if Gardner had been able to play a game against Cotopaxi before the tournament.  Cotopaxi had an "ace server" and unfortunately for Gardner she served the winning points.  One of the writers of this article can testify to the power of those serves.  "They were so hard they were impossible to return," said Ann Rowland.  It was an exciting game and a very successful tournament.    

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