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Falcon Flash for Oct 02, 2008

by Kevin Kleinschmidt and Aaron Martinez

    This year, the 8th grade is making iMovies. To begin with, the 8th grade watched iMovies from previious 8th grade classes. This was so we could see what an iMovie should be like and learn how to make one. After about three or four iMovies, we started to make our own. First, the 8th grade downloaded video that Jan Cisneros (Tech Aide) had recorded of the 8th grade on her camcorder. We then watched the video clips to see what there was and then we edited the clips to our liking. We had to have nine or ten minutes of scenes, at the most. After we organized our clips and edited them, we added transitions. A transition is the way the clips are connected to each other. Then we added effects. Effects are how the clip looks when it plays. For exambple, we could make a clip be black and white or even make it run backwards. We could also add text to the scenen if we wanted. We then take out all sound in the iMovie and put in our own. For example, some students are putting in rock, rap or country music. The iMovie we are currently making is about the whole 8th grade, but at the end of the year, every 8th grade student will make an iMovie about themselves. These iMovies are presented at the 8th grade graduation.