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Falcon Flash for Oct. 01, 2009

By Liz Moore and

Rekekah Archuleta

    Liz Moore and Rebekah Archuleta interviewed some of the Gardner School girls volleyball team members about their game with La Veta on September 23. The questions included,   what they thought about the game, what they thought about the assistant coaches, and how they think they can do better in future matches.

    The girls thought that the game was a blast and they had a lot of fun. They were so happy they won. The girls thought they were going to lose because they were nervous. The girls heard that La Veta was a really great team and they worried themselves!

    They girls thought the coaches (Jen and Dawn) were great! They were fair and liked that they upped the spirit of the new girls. They were glad that Dawn pitched in and helped Jen because head coach, Pam, was sick. The girls thought that was really nice of her! Thank you Dawn!!!!

    The volleyball girls want to practice on hitting the ball off the net and have control on bumping, setting, spiking and over hand serve!

     They look forward to their next game on October 2, against Cotopaxi, to be played at Gardner.