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Falcon Flash for January 29, 2009

By Kevin Kleinschmidt

GARDNER- On Wednesday, January 21st, 2009, an event called Voices of the Past took place at Gardner School in the video room. In this event, the 7th and the 8th grade had each interviewed a person that has been a long time resident of Huerfano County. At 6:30 P.M., the event started. Brent Davis, a teacher in Gardner School, started off by thanking the companies that sponsored this event. The Huerfano Journal, Collector’s Specialty Woods, Gayle Mace Realty, and the Community Bank of Southern Colorado were the sponsors of this year’s Voices of the Past event.  He also mentioned that every student completed the assignment on time.  After that, he listed all of the names of the students who did the assignment except for the top 7 winners.  Each of these students got a certificate along with the person they interviewed.  The winners were chosen by teachers and members of the community.  Frank Pizzo was the first student to read his story.  Frank finished the story, and then received $5 for an honorable mention placing.  Randy Sharp, Kevin Kleinschmidt, LaRae Quintana, Ann Rowland, Leah Frye, and Dakota Blair also read their stories and received a certificate and money, and the person they interviewed also got a certificate.  Frank and Randy were honorable mention and Randy received 5$ as well.  Kevin was in 5th and received $10. LaRae received 4th place and was given $15.  Ann was in 3rd and received $20.  Leah placed 2nd and received 25$.  Dakota, who placed 1st place, received a grand amount of $30.  After Dakota read his story, Brent Davis thanked everybody for coming and told them that there were refreshments in the cafeteria.  The 7th and 8th grade students stayed a while to have their picture taken.  As soon as they finished with the pictures, they rushed into the cafeteria and started munching down on food. Everyone had a great time!