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Falcon Flash for Dec. 04, 2008

By Kevin Kleinschmidt

     This week’s Falcon Flash is about a bug collection the 3rd-4th grade received as a donation. The person that gave the bug collection to the 3rd-4th grade is Claire Qubain. Claire returned to Gardner School, where she attended Preschool to 8th grade, to attend Gardner’s annual One Room School House. Claire Qubain, being a senior at Fountain Valley School, is taking classes in Colorado Natural History. During the first semester, one of their first projects was to collect bugs. On November 21, 2008 Claire Qubain donated her completed bug collection to Pam’s 3rd-4th grade. “They were Enthusiastic Recipients,” Pam said. There were 17 bugs in the collection. One bug, called the Giant Wolf Spider, came from Gardner School. The Western Milkweed Beetle, Carrot Beetle, and the Common Checkered Skipper are three unique bugs that are also included in the collection. These creepy crawlies are on display in Pam Levie’s classroom at Gardner School.

    Gardner School’s annual winter program will be held on December 17, 2008 at 7 P.M. The program will be held in the gymnasium. The theme for this year is, “Gardner Has Talent”. Please try to attend!

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