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El Fandango’s 2008 annual Cinco de Mayo celebration

HUERFANO-  From its earliest days, El Fandango has showcased the talents of the youth of Huefano County while emphasizing the rich Mexican culture prevalent in southern Colorado.  As the membership of the group has ebbed and flowed, the constants of culture and youth have always remained. 

    From 1938 to the present day, students come to El Fandango (earlier known as the Huerfano County High School Spanish Club), to learn of the rich history and culture of New Spain, including Mexico and our own land grant region that became Huefano County. 

    As they mature as dancers, these students teach other younger members and the dance goes on.  This keeps the group always traditional, yet always fresh and new.  This year, El Fandango’s directors Gretchen Orr, Rachel Taylor and Mary Jo Tesitor are pleased to introduce yet another crop of folklorico dancers, some as young as three years old, all eager to move to the music of our collective culture. 

    Please join us for our 2008 El Fandango Cinco de Mayo celebration: “Siempre tradicional, siempre renovar.”  Performances will be Thursday May 1 at 7 pm and Sunday May 4 at 2 pm at the FOX Youth Center Theatre in Walsenburg.  Tickets are $5 at the door.