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Dumping continues in County

by Larry Patrick

    When the idea of building a waste transfer station came up two years ago, it was for locals to have a convenient place to get rid of trash and appliances, tires, etc. People were dumping trash in arroyos instead of driving it to Pueblo’s landfill.

    Apparently, people are still dumping.  Joe Gallegos asked the Huerfano County Commissioners Wednesday if he could burn a bunch of trash that people have dumped on land on County Road 590.  Gallegos looks after the property for an absentee landowner.  Commissioner Scott King said the fire department issues burn permits, not the County.  Gallegos would also have to get written permission from the landowner to protect all parties in case damage was done.  King also told him to contact the Health Department because there could be other harmful contaminents included in the dumpings.

    Commissioner Art Bobian was disappointed to hear about the dumping.  The idea behind the transfer station was to clean up the County and cut back on trash being dumped throughout the area.  The Sheriffs department looked into the matter but it is often hard to catch someone dumping illegally.  Commissioner Bobian urged citizens to report anyone seen dumping illegally because it reflects poorly on all citizens.

    The trash dumping news coincides with the news of money lost at the waste transfer station in its first year.  The shortfall amounted to around $60,000.  Residents are urged to use the transfer station to get rid of unwanted trash and items which in turn shows community pride.

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