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Dr. Ron Miller DC makes house calls

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.00.54 PMSOUTHERN COLORADO — New to the area, but not new to the business, House Calls+ has begun to establish itself in the local market.

Drawn by the myriad of complementary alternative health care practitioners, a prevailing mindset focused upon wellness, and the natural beauty of the region and its inhabitants, House Calls+ seeks to fill the chiropractic niche. A staple of past eras, home-based health care is making a comeback and the house calls are extremely efficient for ranchers, farmers and other business folk who find it costly to be offsite. Moreover, the service is in demand with the elderly, non-drivers, and those in great pain for whom the thought of getting in a car and driving sounds like pure torture. For those who prefer office visits, local sites are currently being explored.

With the many aspects of modern life potentially damaging to one’s health like emotional stress, poor diets, sedentary lifestyles, GMOs, food allergies, and environmental toxins, our goal is to find and fix functional health disturbances before they become pathologies. We offer a host of popular classes such as Becoming a Better Runner and Achieve Your Optimal Weight, along with workplace ergonomic evaluations, and Applied Kinesiology. We consider education and information our greatest tools to help you achieve optimal health. Please call House Calls+ at 719-321-5173 and begin to ”Unleash Life through the Power of Touch”.