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Doris Tracey Memorial to be accompanied by likeness of local girl

by William Beverly, Ph.D.

LA VETA- How many of us can truthfully claim that we have been bronzed for perpetuity?  La Veta youngster Thea Lessar will be one who can.

    In keeping with the theme of the developing Doris Tracy Memorial, “Dreams can come true,” Sculptor Joan Hanley has chosen little Thea Lessar to model as the young girl who, holding a model airplane, looks up to Doris Tracy’s likeness.

    I was fortunate to witness a recent modeling session where Hanley worked gently with young Thea to capture and recreate details such as her eyes, shoes, dress and the holding of the model airplane.

    Pictured here are photographs incorporating Thea Lessar, Joan Hanley, and the likenesses of both Doris Tracy and the little girl who is inspired to follow her dreams.  These mini sculptures are essentially the masters from which the much larger molds will be made that will eventually yield the final products.

    Hanley will be discussing this project at the upcoming Huerfano Hometown Heroes luncheon, November 13th at the Community Center.  Fundraising for this memorial is very important.  While grant-funding is being sought; donations – both large and small, from community members are very important.  To help this memorial come to fruition, you can mail your check to The Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth, 129 Kansas Avenue, Walsenburg, CO 81089.  Be sure to write that you are supporting the “Doris Tracy Memorial Fund.”  Questions about this project can be directed to the sculptor, Joan Hanley at 719-742-3317 or the SCCY Board Chairperson, DeEtta Lessar, at 719-742-3285.