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Distric Attorney’s office burglarized

WALSENBURG- The District Attorney’s new offices in Walsenburg were broken into twice last week, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  A person or persons entered at night, possibly using a key, as there was no sign of forced entry.  According to District Attorney Frank Ruybalid, several items of commercial value were removed, and files were rifled through, which will be checked for tampering.  Ruybalid said that the locks have been changed and new security equipment has been installed.   

    Walsenburg Police Chief James Chamberlain noted that some of the items taken were “strange,” such as an old vacuum, a 12-pack of toilet paper and stamps, as well as a revolver, a laptop and two desktop computers, an old printer, a digital camera, a telephone card, a flash drive, and petty cash totaling $11.81.  The case is still under investigation, with further leads developing.