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Dems party down

by Nelson Holmes

GARDNER- After eight long years, smiles have returned to the faces of Democrats.  Well, at least, that is how it appeared on Saturday at the Gardner Community Center where Democrats and those who invested themselves in the “Campaign for Change” gathered for a hard-won celebration.  I must note that many of those attending were virtually unrecognizable without their looks of determination and the hyper-alert edginess in their eyes.

    David Gnaizda, with a broad smile on his face and with uncharacteristically relaxed body language, welcomed the party’s warriors with live music and platters of tasty Mexican food prepared by the Vialpando’s.  Even the stalwart generals of the Obama Campaign, Mark Craddock and Susan Kalman, wore Cheshire Cat smiles, though each looked like a month’s sleep would serve as a therapeutic tonic.  Other volunteers, such as the Cookinghams, were all “high-fives” and hugs as they made their way to the dance floor.  And some, like myself, are still a little battle weary with the magnitude of the victory yet to set in.  Paul Biron (none more gung-ho) looked like a post-campaign Twelve Step Program might be in order as he was still quoting polls and number crunching!

    All and all a great time was had by all: good food, companionship, the afterglow of a job well done, and the realization of a triumph long in the making.  “Planet O” and Betsy and David’s Obamaband infused the night with joy.  But what really hit home was the sense that meaningful change is now truly in the offing.

    I know there are conservatives who believe President Obama bodes discord for the nation.  But I’d like to remind these folk that we Democrats and liberals maintained a stiff upper lip through what is bound to be noted as the most self-serving administration in the history of the nation.   Please extend to President Obama the respect due his office.  Oh, and give me at least another month to recover before engaging me in policy debate!  God bless the USA.

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