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Cucharas season ending

by Carol Dunn

CUCHARA– During the Board meeting on October 10, General Manager Bob Northup told the Cucharas Sanitation & Water District Directors, “Aside from Aspen Road, we’re pretty much done with our major obligations for the year.”  He said the mud from recent snows has been slowing progress on the Aspen Road project, but it is about half done.  Northup said only two people in Pine Haven subdivision have not contacted the office about hooking up to the new water/sewer system.  He estimated that the staff have about two weeks left in which to install the two remaining grinder pumps in Pine Haven.

    Northup is checking into possible stimulus funds for water pipe replacement at the ski resort water treatment plant.

    The Board decided not to reduce the tap fees as reimbursement to Steve Howarth for trees that were removed on the easement next to his residence during the water/sewer project.  “There wasn’t much choice for us except to go through that easement,” said Director Jim Howard.  Director Dan Brewer added, “We don’t want to disrupt anyone’s view, but we have to do what we have to do.  After seeing it, I can sympathize, but I see why it had to go right through there.”

    The Board accepted the first draft of the proposed 2010 budget.  The draft shows only a $492 increase in operating income next year, and only a 3.3% increase in operating expenses.  The estimated 2010 net of $16,958 is about one-third of the net projected for 2009.

    The Board passed resolution 2009-04 certifying delinquent accounts so they could be turned over for collections action.  One of those accounts is the ski resort, which is a year in arrears for water bills.  Director Brewer asked if the board could at some point discuss this situation.  “The resort is charged over $70,000 per year, but no water is flowing,” he said.  “It’s been almost ten years that facility has been closed.”

    The Board adjourned to executive session to meet with their attorney about legal procedures when homeowners will not hook up to the water/sewer system.