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Cucharas District will upgrade technology

by Carol Dunn

CUCHARA- At its meeting last Friday, the Cucharas Sanitation and Water District Board of Directors voted unanimously to upgrade the office telecommunications system and also its billing software.  The existing software is DOS-based and has required many workarounds to perform something as simple as printing a statement of account history.  The software upgrade and subsequent training will cost $11,875.00.  The District will take advantage of an offer to finance the upgrade for five years at zero percent financing.  After the phone system was upgraded to DSL by Century-Tel, it was determined that the rest of the telecommunications system is outdated and parts are obsolete.  The phone system update will cost the District $2,947.75.

    The District has cancelled its election of Board members because there were no contested positions.  Directors Gerald VanNort and Robert White will be re-elected by acclamation for four-year terms.  Regarding staff, General Manager Bob Northup told the Board that Russell Keeling recently passed the test for his Water “D” license.  Eight manuals have been purchased for the District’s library so now the entire set of manuals is available for employees to study for certification tests. 

    The final work on the Pine Haven subdivision utilities will be put out to bid.  Pine Haven residents will also be notified soon that they can proceed with having their taps hooked up.  According to Northup, the substandard road base in parts of the subdivision will be replaced by the subcontractor through Pate Construction. 

    Northup also reported that, during a check of water meters, a water leak and flooding were found at a unit in Panadero Villas.  The water was turned off and the owner has been notified.

    In October, 2008 the District will be required to begin testing its drinking water for E. coli two times per month.  The microscopic particulate analysis will be done through an independent lab.  Regarding water treatment, Northup reported that the treatment plant at the ski area is slated to be the first plant to be converted to membrane (osmosis) treatment.  That water right is the District’s largest and is not moveable.

    The next meeting will be April 11.