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Cuchara District billing revamped

by Carol Dunn

CUCHARA- The Cucharas Sanitation and Water District has replaced its billing software and, according to Renee Albright, the new software is more versatile, generates better reports, and provides better explanations of charges on invoices.  Albright told the Board of Directors at its Friday meeting that the software is compatible with meter reading equipment, and statements will now indicate monthly consumption.

    General Manager Bob Northup announced that groundbreaking on the Pine Haven water and sewer work is planned for July 21.  All contracts and paperwork have been signed.  The anticipated completion date is November 17, 2008.

    Northup reported that CommNet Wireless is interested in putting a cell phone tower on one of the District’s water tanks.  Chairman Leon Skaggs commented, “It will be of use to the whole valley.”  According to its web site, CommNet is a wholesale wireless carrier providing affordable roaming service in rural areas throughout the U.S. 

    Northup’s report included water leak repairs, pump problems, surge problems, easements, and meetings with engineers and contractors.  Texas Hill, Aspen Road and the pole barn are projects in the works for this summer.  Between 33 and 38 lots are also scheduled to be developed in River Run. 

    Although Northup says the staff has been “rather” busy, evidence points to a schedule that doesn’t allow for any wasted daylight.  The Panadero Property Owners’ Association recently held its annual meeting, and some residents took the opportunity to applaud the District staff.  Director Dan Brewer paraphrased those comments, “Bob and his crew are commendable, going above and beyond the call of duty.”  A member of Friday’s audience, a resident of Pine Haven, added, “I appreciate the work, the efforts of Bob up at Pine Haven.  He’s doing a good job.”  He also complimented the efforts of Albright at the front desk.

    The District is planning to borrow a large chipper from Huerfano County to clean up slash and other woody trash in the subdivisions. 

    There was also a short discussion about moving an existing water storage tank.  Northup suggested using a helicopter would probably be the most cost effective method.  Another option is to cut apart the old tank and weld it back together at the new location, requiring a new interior lining.  Northup said these options are better than buying a new water tank, which can cost about $1.25 per gallon of capacity.

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