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Cuchara Country Music festival cancelled for 2016

Dear Editors and Community, It is that time of year when the Cuchara Foundation and the Planning Committee usually begin their work on the Cuchara Country Music Fest. As we began the process for the 2016 concert it suddenly seemed like the Concert Spirits were all conspiring to make this year’s event really hard to pull off. We faced a confluence of challenges that caused us to reflect on the practicality of holding a festival this year. With these challenges in mind, the Cuchara Foundation Board decided that it was necessary to cancel the Music Fest for 2016, and explore other options. It’s been a great ride but the forces that be tell us it’s time for a rest. The Music Fest has been a wonderful event for

Cuchara and has brought many positive results.  The enthusiasm in the Valley, new visitors discovering us, a sense of pride, a feeling that “we can do this,” and overall satisfaction in a job well done are certainly the highlights of our efforts.  In addition, of course, the profits made over the four years were also a huge benefit as the Cuchara Foundation has given more than $30,000 in grants to help the Cuchara Valley. Thanks to the Huerfano World Journal for your support and sponsorship. Thanks to all the sponsors who provided financial assistance that ensured a successful concert. Thanks to the community for your enthusiasm and for coming to our concerts. Thanks to the Committee Chairs and volunteers for all you have done to help make the Cuchara Music Fest a successful event over the last four years.  The Cuchara Foundation looks forward to sponsoring future endeavors to help our wonderful community. Stay tuned! ~Lois Adams, Concert Planning Committee Co-Chair and the Cuchara Foundation Board, Sheri Stickley, President Larry Brooks, Vice President Emily McWillis, Secretary Mike Moore, Treasurer Lenora Brooks Suzanne Pierce Karen Sandbeck Bernard Small Mary Strasser