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CSWD meets

by Carol Dunn

CUCHARA- The Cucharas Sanitation and Water District had a short meeting this month.  The Board heard from Karen Long, a Pine Haven resident, who gave the Board the good news that A.R. Construction has been doing a good job on the Pine Haven project.

    Steve Perkins, Chair of the Cuchara Recreation Cooperative, thanked the Board for allowing CRC to use the District’s meeting room recently.  The CRC hopes to restore and govern the operation of the Cuchara Mountain Resort property as a year-round recreational center while preserving a family-oriented atmosphere.

     Barbara Williams presented the General Manager’s report on behalf of Bob Northup, who was out of town.  Two residences in Pine Haven were added to the sewer system last month.  A pump has gone out and needs to be replaced at the water treatment plant.