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CSWD discusses holdouts

by Carol Dunn

CUCHARA- At its September 11 meeting the Cucharas Sanitation and Water District Board of Directors discussed homeowners who do not want to hook up to the new sewer system.  According to General Manager Bob Northup, there are three or four people in the Pine Haven subdivision who will resist paying the tap fee and getting their dwellings hooked up.  The Board agreed to consider each case on an individual basis and try to come up with a solution that best suits each one.  Northup said the best leverage is to involve the bi-county health department, although he will also be consulting with the District’s attorney.

    After a month to mull over changing the District’s bylaws regarding the function of the executive committee, the Board decided to leave things as they are.  “In my opinion, I think it works,” said Director Dan Brewer, referring to the current rotation of board members serving as the executive committee.  New State legislation requires that the District post its meeting agenda at least 72 hours before the meeting, so the executive committee will be meeting Fridays, a week before each monthly Board meeting, to set the agenda.

    During the public forum, Pine Haven resident Steve Howarth asked the Board for “relief” on the cost of his tap fee as compensation for what he described as “a swath of trees that was removed only 20 feet” from his front door during the water and sewer project.  “My property majorly changed when the swath came through,” he said.  “My property looks completely different.” Chairman Leon Skaggs suggested that Howarth proceed with his hookup, and further suggested that the Board go to Howarth’s property to see it firsthand.  Skaggs said the Board would consider Howarth’s request at the next Board meeting.

    Northup reported that the staff will make a concentrated effort to extend the water line on Aspen Road from September 21-25.  “First we need to strip the gravel off the road,” Northup said, to which a Pine Haven resident joked, “Take it to Pine Haven.”

    Northup reported that repairs have been made to a couple vehicles and the excavator.  He said the power supply went out for the programmable logic controllers at the sewage treatment plant, but it was repaired and the plant was back online the same day.

    The members of the District’s 2010 budget committee will be James Howard, Robert White, Bob Northup and Sandy Hackbarth.

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