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CSWD budget open for inspection

by Carol Dunn

CUCHARA- The Cucharas Sanitation and Water District has drafted its 2009 budget, which is now available for public inspection at the District office during regular business hours.  Treasurer Bob White explained during the District’s meeting on Oct. 10 that two years of historical expenditures are used to estimate what the District expects to spend on each line item next year.  Total expenditures in the draft budget amount to $1,043,558. 

    The Board voted to certify to the County Treasurer delinquent accounts for the past year amounting to $3,257.55 for a landowner residing in Germany and $37,488.71 for all resorts.

    General Manager Bob Northup reported that the staff is wrapping things up for the year.  The south end of River Run (Phase I) is completely finished.  Water pressure reducers have been ordered for the Pine Haven subdivision and will be installed when the taps are made. 

    The District’s new sign has been installed, and many agreed with Director Dan Brewer when he said, “It looks fantastic.”  Northup said the pole barn is expected to be finished by Nov. 22.  The County’s wood chipper is expected to be rebuilt and available to the District in a couple weeks.  According to Northup, the computer operated pump controller at the ski resort, referred to as SCADA, is protected as well as it can be against further lightning strikes.  He added that it would take about a half million dollars to upgrade the system long-term. 

    President Leon Skaggs reported that a change order was required on the Pine Haven project because the original estimate was short by 1,200 feet, an error that was not caught by District personnel or the consulting engineers.  The change order results in a cost increase of $35,000 and an additional eighteen days of construction.

    Mark Hornberger and Chad White, of GMS Consulting Engineers, reported that the contractor is now ahead of schedule on the Pine Haven project.  “They are 68 percent finished timewise,” Hornberger said.  He presented the latest payout requests and added that the water lines for lower Pine Haven are expected to be finished and ready for pressure tests Oct. 10.  While there were some part-time residents who were unhappy with the construction, most of them have since left for the winter.  Resident Don Pike said of the project, “I think everybody is to be commended.”

    The Board agreed that the office should not have to mail statements for zero balance accounts and those being paid by automatic bank draft.  The office staff will send a notice to customers before enacting the plan.

    The Board passed a resolution adopting an identity theft prevention program as required by the Federal Trade Commission and the Colorado Attorney General.  A nine-page addendum details the District’s responsibilities as a creditor, requires that personal information be kept in one location only, requires encryption of numerical information, and describes over 30 potential threats, called “red flags.”